Im selling an Alienware alpha desktop or trading for an Xbox one s its technical specs areIntel Core i3 4130T 2.90GHz4GB DDR3 500GB HDDWindows 10 64-BitNVIDIA Geforce 860m 2GBIt includes20 inch monitorLogitech G710 Mechanical KeyboardMouseFeel free to text me at 7 4 0 3 four 1 1 four 5 0
Nintendo DSi XL Bronze 3 Pre-Installed Game Brain Age Math, Brain Age Arts Letters, Photo Clock.Charging Cable, Stylus and Original BoxPaperwork.14 Games 1 Mario Luigi Bowsers Inside Story, 2 Mario Party DS, 3 Mario Hoops 3 on 3 4 Super Mario 64 DS 5 Mariokart 6 New Super Mario Bros, 7 Pokmon Black, 8 Pokmon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Darkness, 9 Pokmon Ranger Shadows of Almia, 10 Pokmon Plat...
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